The Introduction of the Faculty

The total number of staff is 2,506,including 261 with senior professional and technical rank, 631 with associate senior professional and technical rank.

There are 1,630 full-time teachers,including 1 Chinese Academy of  Engineering academicians, 2 discipline appraisal group members of  State Council Academic Degrees Committee, 1 academic member of the Science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of  Education, 2 members of the Teaching Advisory Board of the Ministry of  Education, 2 distinguished youth scholars supported by National Science Foundation,  2 chair professors of Changjiang Scholars Program, 1 experts recruited by Sichuan Province "Top Talents Cultivation Program", 9 national candidates for  "New Century National Hundred, ", 2 scholars selected by China "10,000 Talent Plan", 3 Sun Yueqi Engergy Competition winners,40 academic and technical leaders of  Sichuan Province, 54 experts with special allowance from the State Council,  58 Excellent Experts with Outstanding Contributions to Sichuan Province.