Post Doctoral Stations

Southwest Petroleum University(SWPU) is among the first to offer postdoctoral research stations inChina in 1990, the research station now includes studies in 4 major disciplines——Petroleum Engineering, Geological Resources and Geological Engineering,Mechatronic Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.



Since the enrollment of the firstpostdoctoral scholar in China in 1990, the University has recruited more than200 postdoctoral scholars, of whom 68 are currently registered, there are morethan 4 foreign scholars register in postdoctoral research station. Statisticsshow that postdoctoral scholars received many awards, including the top-gradeprize of National Natural Science Award and the first prize of the Sci TechAdvancement Award by the State Petroleum Commission.

SWPU with more than 30 enterprises, researchinstitutions, innovative practice cultivate postdoctoral. SWPU research stationhas been rated as advanced postdoctoral work in Sichuan Province. "Oil andGas Engineering" postdoctoral research station was named the nationalexcellent postdoctoral research station in China.


SWPU postdoctoral research station welcomeswell-known university doctorate at home and abroad to engaged in postdoctoralresearch work, here are excellent academic environment, where here are topco-mentor, here are domestic competitive salary.