Southwest Petroleum University Alumni Association


In order to strengthen the contact with alumni, and provide more value-added services for alumni,Southwest Petroleum University (SWPU) registered Southwest Petroleum University Alumni Association(SWPUAA), which was confirmed in the constitution of  SWPU and was approved by the competent authorities.


Since its founding, more than 150,000 students have graduated from SWPU. They come from all over the world, including  United States, Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia,etc. They mainly work in the field of oil, gas and engineering. Most of  them are experts, professors, or technical backbone, and a large number of  them have their own companies. After graduation from SWPU, they are all living and working healthily and happily.


The alumni who work in the United States and Canada registered a non-profit organization, Southwest Petroleum University Overseas  Alumni AssociationSWPUOAA.They hold regular academic lectures, exchange, parties, etc with alumni through the platform.


SWPUAA has an efficient and united team working full-timeon alumni related affairs. When alumni find us with any enquiries, we will respond as quickly as family and do what we can to meet their satisfaction.


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