Introduction to Teacher’s Culture and Sports Association in SWPU

Dance Association    

Dance Association is an amateur group composed of teachers in SWPU. According to teachers’ age, this association holds dancing training and performance to help teachers keep fit and maintain their physical and mental health.


With regular training and performance, chorus provides teachers in SWPU who love music with a platform and enriches teachers’ cultural life in spare time. On behalf of SWPU, the chorus participated in Sichuan School Song Contest and won third prize in 2012, which shows teachers’ good mental attitude. We warmly invite teachers loving art and music to join us.

Aerobics Association

Aerobics issynthesis of gymnastics, dance, music, fitness and entertainment and it is verypopular. This association attracts lots of teachers of different ages. What’smore, this association holds training of hip-hop, figure exercise, aerobicexercise and latin aerobics, which can both satisfy interests and build upbody.


Basketball Association

Established in 2006, Basketball Association now has a membership of 78. The association holds training positively, improving teachers’ skills and constructing harmonious basketball culture. Teacher’s basketball league match in SWPU is held once a year. Meanwhile, this association also holds basketball match with other universities and enterprises, such as Chengdu Sport Institute, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Chengdu Medical College and Chengdu Aircraft (Group) Co., Ltd, which promotes friendship.

Shadowboxing Association

Shadow boxing integrates Chinese philosophy with martial art and traditional Chinese medical science, so it satisfies the needs of physical and mental health. With slow pace and gentle movement, Shadowboxing is not only beneficial for body fitness, but also can prevent disease. This association was established in May, 2015, and it holds training in the evening of every Tuesday and Thursday. Besides, the association often holds performance and symposium.