Student Association

Social Work Association

Social Work Association was established after Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, because reconstruction work was badly in need of social work personnel at that time. In order to offer earthquake victims professional service, a group of SWPU young volunteers set up Social Work Association. The association is devoted to helping people inneed and now it has more than 200 members.


Oasis Association

Established in 2001, Oasis Association adheresto the idea that we create harmonious homeland together with green dream, and carriesout a series of environmental protection activities aiming at improving people’senvironmental awareness and taking actions to improve it. Oasis association paysattention to cooperation and communication with government, non-governmental environmentalprotection organization and environmental protection associations in otheruniversities. Their activities include environmental protection education in primaryand middle schools, flora and fauna protection, etc.


Tennis Association

Gathering excellent tennisplayers in SWPU, Tennis Association is devoted to popularizing school tennisactivity. It provides a platform for tennis fans to play up tennis atmosphere oncampus and promotes tennis sport in SWPU. What’s more, the association also carriesout tennis matches with other universities in Chengdu.

Photography Association

Established in 1992, PhotographyAssociation aims to provide learning and communication opportunities foramateur photographer. Photographic exhibition about certain theme is held everymonth, and sometimes the association also holds outdoor photographicactivities, photography lecture and technical training.



Magic Association

Magic performance forms aredivided into close shot performance, raree show, stage performance, etc,bringing audience amazing experience. Magic has special art interest, and magiccan stimulate imagination, enlighten wisdom, obtain scientific knowledge andenrich life. Magic Association was founded in 2009. This association oftenholds magic performance for college students. Besides, every magician has hisown performance style, and magicians are popular with teachers and students.